Letter from David Barclay, President of the Oxford University Student Union: “The Language of the Market Has No Place in a University”

Dear All,

Yesterday (June 7) Oxford became the first ever English University to pass a motion of no confidence in a Government Minister. Congregation, the University’s Governing Body, passed the resolution of no confidence in the policies of the minister for higher education by 283 votes to 5.

Yesterday’s meeting sent a resounding message that Oxford academics, like the majority of students, are hugely concerned by the direction of higher education policy in this country. They do not believe that trebling fees will improve social mobility. They do not believe that the Government has a clearly thought-out plan for reform. They do not believe that the language of the market has any place in a University.

The debate on the future of higher education has only just begun, and yesterday was a clear sign that Oxford will be at the forefront of that debate. OUSU has teamed up with a number of academics to launch a project aimed at helping to articulate how we understand the student-teacher relationship in the 21st century. Look out for more details soon, and make sure Oxford students have their say on the future of Universities in this country.

Best wishes,

David Barclay
Oxford University Student Union www.twitter.com/DTBarclay

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