GSO Executive Council Statement on the Proposed Fee Increases

February 18, 2011

Given the lack of transparency, the GSO Executive Council cannot justify the proposed fee increases and adamantly opposes them. Repeated requests for the fee budgets have been made since July 2010. The administration has promised transparency, but has not delivered. We have even proposed to work together to compile the required information and design a plan to address the fees. We have been waiting for eight months for President Stanley, Provost Kaler, and VP of Finance Gray to share the information and invite students to the decision-making process.

The administration has strategically left us out of all fee increase decisions and now, eight months later, they invite us to join the committees to discuss over $100/semester fee increases that have already been announced by Provost Kaler. We are unwilling to accept the administration’s feigned cooperation and deliberate actions to continue working behind our backs. The GSO Executive Council opposes all fee increases and calls on all graduate students and organizations concerned with the welfare of graduate student to join our voice against the imposed fee increases.

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